Malea Hero The New EP - Now Available

Liz Huston – The Artist Behind the Cover

Los Angeles area artist Liz Huston was recently tapped to supply the cover for Malea’s new release. Liz is a veteran of the DTLA art scene where she runs her gallery. Her work weaves together ancient photography with modern painting and digital techniques. Her personal collection of antique photos is vast and carefully curated. The combination of elegance, detail and deeply felt spirit seemed like a natural fit.

“Liz is a fantastic artist. I love all her stuff!, ” says Malea. “The way she chooses her colors, expressions, and exotic landscapes match so well with the spirit of Swept Away. I feel blessed to have her work represent my music”.

The feeling was mutual. After hearing the EP, Liz was immediately very excited to be part of the project. “From the first listen I knew I wanted to contribute. The songs are so beautiful. Hard To Let You Go was especially touching to me.”

You may have seen Liz’s Dreamkeepers Tarot project online. The 78 card deck was so warmly received it far exceeded everyone’s expectation as word about them spread on social media. You can read more about the deck on Liz’s Kickstarter page.

Here’s a preview: