Malea Swept Away The New EP - Now Available

American Modern Artists

Among many mediums Malea is involved, she executive produced an independent documentary featuring Porno for Pyro’s lead guitarist Peter DiStefano presented by Arpa International Film festival on November 3rd at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA.


Peter DiStefano explores his local city of Los Angeles in search of local artists to collaborate with. He goes on a strange adventure to meet, and work with Painter Michael Gorman. Michael does 2 sessions since he decided to destroy the first version before an exhibit. Peter meets child prodigy Alice Asmar. An 89 year old Painter who recants her tale of being a prodigy to current times. They discuss being an artist during the last 8 decades while they create original works together. During Peter’s journey he takes the audience on a day in the life of a Modern American Artist.

Director: Douglas Kaplan
Writer: Douglas Kaplan
Producers: Douglas Kaplan,Peter DIStefano
Cast: Peter DiStefano, Alice Asmar, Michael Gorman, Peter Iliff